Topic: Criminal Justice sociology essay


As we have discussed in the Chapter, crimes against consumers can take various forms. Conduct research and provide examples of cases involving:

Price gouging during natural disasters or hurricanes
Telemarketing or computer scams
You have to present both types of consumer crimes. Do not repeat examples from the Chapter and all cases must be relatively current, post-2015.


1) Provide an introductory paragraph on the type of consumer crime selected (price gauging or telemarketing/computer scams). This should explain the components of this type of crime, its history, extent, and any other pertinent details.
2) Present the Title of the case you have selected to discuss.
3) Briefly explain the details of this consumer crime.
4) Discuss how victims were effected and taken. Include monetary or other losses.
5) Were the perpetrators caught or is it ongoing? If caught, what was the punishment? Were victims reimbursed?
6) Conclude with what we can do to prevent these types of consumer crimes.
Please follow the same steps for each type of consumer crime:

1. Price gouging during natural disasters or hurricanes

2. Telemarketing or computer scams

Assignment Guidelines: Assignments are required to meet the following guidelines. Assignments that do not follow this format will not receive full credit.

Questions: Number each question

Paper Length: Approx. 3-4 double spaced pages (total).

Font: Times Roman 12

Line Spacing: Everything must be double-spaced

Style: Use the American Psychological Association manual for formatting (e.g., references, citations, quotes, tables, page layout)

Quotes: No more than 2 short quotes are allowed throughout the entire paper. Quotes are single-spaced.

Citations: Everything must be appropriately cited in the text and the Reference section. (This section should not be called “works cited” or Bibliography)

Spelling: Spelling errors will result in a deduction of points

Grammar: Poor grammar will result in a deduction of points


-All references must be put in the Reference section

-All references in the Reference section must be used in the paper

-References from academic journals are highly recommended.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
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