Topic: Criminal Justice summative assignment essay


This is a summative assignment essay which needs to be analytical and always referring to the question. In regards to the references, academic journals, legislation, cases and statues are acceptable. We want to keep the references applicable to the context of the essay.

It is imperative that research cases and law cases of rape or domestic abuse are used in this paper to achieve the correct high standards needed. I have attached the marking rubric so we can understand what is needed to achieve the 1st level of writing. Thank you

The question is: The prosecution of certain types of cases raises particular challenges for the Crown Prosecution Service and criminal courts. Critically analyse both the problems and potential solutions in either (a) domestic abuse cases OR (b) rape cases.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-7 / 3500
Number of sources-35
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-OSCOLA
Line spacing-Single
Language style-UK English

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