Topic: Criminal Law questions

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There is no need to include long quotations or a bibliography. Quotations need to be used and identified by quotation marks and cases to be identified by giving the authors name and year.


In accordance with governmental infrastructure planning to link Bath to Cambridge, in June the Minister for Transport announced the building of a new motorway, the M44, which will run from the East to the West of England. Barry works as a lorry driver delivering material for the construction of the motorway. Barry noticed that there was usually material left over from his deliveries. He worked out how much was usually left over and decided that he would sell the extra materials to another building firm on his truck route before delivering the rest to the motorway construction site. Nobody seemed to notice or care about this, so Barry continued this practice for several weeks. However, one day, when Barry turned up at the motorway construction site, he noticed a marked police vehicle waiting at the drop-off point. Believing that his scheme had been discovered and that the police were there to arrest him, Barry immediately drove off. PC Lewis got into her police car and followed Barry. Barry tried to get away, travelling in excess of the speed limit. As he attempted to get around a bend, the container on the back of the lorry came loose and tumbled onto the road. PC Lewis crashed into the container and suffered serious injuries. Simultaneously, Barry crashed head on into a car coming from the opposite direction. Micky, the driver, died instantly. Barry staggered from his lorry with only minor scratches. He was arrested after another police car arrived.

Advise Barry what criminal offences he could be charged with.

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