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Read the following scenario.

Mo took early retirement from the army as he was suffering from PTSD, depression plus a leg injury, as a result of his experiences whilst on active duty.  He had always been short-tempered, but this tendency was now even worse. 

One winter’s day, as Mo was walking to the shops, a local man, Pablo, shouted out to him, “Oi, nutcase, you were too much of a wimp to stay in the army!”.  Pablo’s friend, Kevin, added, “You’re no use for anything now!”.  Kevin followed this up by throwing an egg at Mo, which landed on his jacket.  Mo lost his temper, limped over to Kevin and hit him several times on the head with his walking stick.  Kevin fell to the floor, severely injured.  Pablo ran off, calling an ambulance as he did so. 

Kevin was seen at the hospital by Dr Mullani, who was tired at the end of a long shift and failed to realise the seriousness of Kevin’s injuries.  He didn’t order a head CT scan and just prescribed painkillers and a bandage.  Kevin died the following day.

In the meantime, Mo was so upset and angry that he decided to teach Pablo a lesson.  He followed Pablo to a bridge over the river and when Pablo leaned over the side to catch his breath, Mo pushed him.  Pablo toppled into the cold water and drowned.  When questioned by police, Mo said that he had just wanted to scare Pablo.

  1. Assess Mo’s potential liability for the murder of Kevin
  2. Assess Mo’s potential liability for the murder of Pablo.
  3. Discuss any defences he may have.
  4. Please notethat you are only asked about Mo’s liability for murder so do not discuss involuntary manslaughter in your answer.  You do, however, need to consider the partial defences to murder, so consideration of voluntary manslaughter is relevant.

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