Topic: Critical Analysis of Hunger games social Issue

you are being asked to develop your own opinion in regards to the social issues present in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. In order to do this, you will critically analyze the social issue without incorporating any outside research and come to some conclusion about the argument the novel is making in regards to that social issue.

Your analysis along with evidence from the text is all that is required to write this assignment.

But what is a critical analysis?

A critical analysis invites you to make an argument using evidence. The goal is two-fold: one, identify and explain the argument that you believe the author is making, and two, provide your own argument about that argument. Your aim is to minimize the amount of story summary that you provide and to interpret specific for the deeper meaning

Ok. So, what is a critical analysis of a social issue?

To analyze is to determine how individual parts create or relate to the whole and then to figure out what it might mean and why it is important. In this assignment, you are specifically looking at patterns in the text that illustrate some issue or problem found in The Hunger Games. This issue must affect more than one individual to be a “social” issue. In other words, Katniss might be affected by lack of food, but in order for this to be analyzed as a social issue, the problem must affect more than just her. It must affect some portion of society. 

You may pursue any topic that interests you, but it must be approved. You may also choose from the list below. 

Poverty & Wealth / Social ClassHunger / Food DistributionEnvironmental Issues / Climate ChangeEducation / AccessPower (Government and Personal)Reality Television & EntertainmentViolenceCelebrity Influence / CultureSurveillance Individuality / Authenticity / VoyeurismCapital PunishmentFreedom Ethical Issues and MoralsGender RolesFreedom of Information

Once I pick my topic, then what?  (I Chose Government control & Poverty)

The next step is to gather your evidence. Choose passages from the text to analyze (quote specific passages/paraphrase others). Examine how they speak to one another and what they might represent. This analysis is up to you. You are the guide. In other words, you are making a claim about what the text represents and explaining how the passages that you have chosen support that claim.

A piece of advice: You may not be accustomed to using only your own thoughts and opinions to analyze a piece of literature. You may feel inclined to search for sources to give you ideas before you trust your own. Don’t do this! It’s best if you establish your own thoughts first. This will strengthen your critical thinking skills.


Does your paper include:

1. A claim (main point/thesis) that is arguable? 

2. Quotes, paraphrases, examples from the text? 

3. Explanations of the examples and how they connect to the main claim? 

4. An explanation of how this social issue found in the text is also connected to our reality? 

5. A sentence or two on why the social issue is important to others? This might be a connection to what’s at stake or who is affected by it. 

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Type of assignment-Book report
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Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-MLA
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