Topic: critical evaluation of the 1991 gulf war air campaign

critical evaluation of the 1991 gulf war air campaign

  • In order to construct the paper you need to answer those 4 question to answer the main question which is the topic question:
  • Q1. What does the USAF want to do in terms of the air campaign in the 1991 Gulf War?
  • Q2. Do they conduct the air campaign as planned?
  • Q3. Is it a) successful or b) unsuccessful
  • Q4. How does the USAF execute the 1991 Gulf War air campaign?

Requirement for the research paper:

  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Section 1-6
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Section 1: Introduction.

Generally talking about operation desert storm in 1991 then merging to the air campaign and its importance in the war. Operation Desert Storm was primarily a sustained 43-day air campaign by the United States and its allies against Iraq between January 17, 1991, and February 28, 1991. The introduction will end with the core argument:

Core Argument. This research will argue that the sophisticated Coalition air campaign was hugely effective in degrading and silencing the Iraqi air defense systems and command and control and therefore contribute the coalitions victory, this is due to the vast air technical superiority enjoyed by the coalitions over Iraqi Air and Air defense equipment’s.

Section2: Literature Review.

Mainly talking about historical previous air campaigns and their effectiveness in wars such as Normandy, Vietnam and other wars.

Section3: Air Campaign (Concepts and Definitions)

Section 4: Basic Structure of the Iraqi Integrated Air Defense System

Section 5: The Effectiveness of Air Campaign on operation Desert Storm

Objectives, Operation Plan, Achievements, constraints.

Section 6: Conclusion

– A very useful place to find relevant information on the subject:

1. John Warden book ‘the air campaign’

 2. Chuck horner book ‘every man a tiger’

3. Look into US Air University at Maxwell AFB For research papers by student relevant to the subject.

  • The paper should be with subheadings.
  • No less than 14950 words and no more than 15100 including footnotes but not bibliography.
  • Line is ariel 11

After sending the structure document to the professor, he came with some feed back and note on the structure document, these are his notes:

Overall, it looks good. There is coherency and logic to what you are doing. The four questions (if you are happy with them) can be used to enhance the structure of your research paper. Answering them will add analysis to the narrative parts of your 6 section plan.

Looking at (Section 2: Literature Review). Keep this section as theoretical as you can. What does the literature say about the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of American air power in Normandy, Korea, Vietnam. Use your four questions to guide you in terms of what you want to look for in the literature, and your analysis of what was effective or ineffective in the three campaigns. Please explain to the reader why you selected these three campaigns. For example,’ they are major historical campaigns where the Americans used extensive air power in prosecuting them.’

Looking at Section 3: Air Campaign (Concepts and Definitions). In addition to identifying and explaining concepts and providing definitions, provide a brief analysis of the literature on the Air Campaign in the First Gulf War. There is a fair bit, and it will give you a variety of opinions on what air could and then did do (or didn’t do) in the campaign. Don’t go into specifics about air operations, this comes later in your outline. Use this section to identify and explain the theory of an air campaign for the Gulf War.

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