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Critical Thinking:

Task 1 – Based on your allocated ’Enterprise category’ nominate and describe only one (1) innovation, introduced by any brand of your choice, during the past 1-5 years in the Australian marketplace. Allow (80-100) words.

Warning –
Choosing an innovation outside your allocated ’Enterprise category’ or the innovation is not available in the Australian marketplace is a violation of the test’s tasks resulting in a zero mark for this test.

Task 2 – Must express an opinion about your chosen innovation, by selecting either option ’A’ or ’B’:
Option A – I do consider the innovation useful, OR
Option B – I don’t consider the innovation useful

Task 3 – This is your assessible Critical Thinking task (see Test’s marking grid):
Your chosen opinion (Option A or B) MUST be explained through well formulated/presented ideas. Next, by applying critical thinking, you need to defend your ideas by arguing using relevant conceptual/theoretical material sourced from chapters 1-5 of the unit’s prescribed textbook. Furthermore, searching for relevant secondary information is another important task to expand your ideas, and improve your arguments.

Remember, your ideas and arguments should show strong logical connections – an important requirement of CT writing.

Finally, evidence in your CT writing must comply with the Harvard Western SydU Referencing Style to all in-text citations and to the list of References.

Allow approx. 600 words +/- 10% inclusive of all In-text citations BUT not the list of References. Furthermore, your answer needs to demonstrate compliance with the five (5) marking criteria, detailed in the CT marking grid.

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