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Topic: Culture Patterns (Comparative Criminal Justice)


Review Cho & DioGuardi (2020), textbooks/ video clips that are related to this module. Write an essay in your own words (a minimum of 500 words), addressing the following questions/instructions. Summarize 4 Japanese cultural patterns (in Reichel Ch10) that may be helpful in understanding Japan’s CJ system.
Are there any similarities and/or differences between the Japanese patterns and the Korean ones indicated in Cho & DioGuardi (2020)?
Do you think these Japanese or Korean cultural patterns are helping their CJ agencies operate effectively? Why? Why not?
What would be your policy recommendations to America that may result from addressing these questions above?

The essay should:
Write an appropriate intro and conclusion.
Provide the total word counts in parentheses at the end of your essay.
Include in-text citations.
Not include a references page.
Not have typos, grammar errors and possible problems with APA format (
Have less than 30% match rate. The originality will be examined through the percentage of ‘overall match’ in the SafeAssign. Once submitted, the submission portal will inform the ‘match’ percentage. Students may submit multiple times to reach less than 30%. Only last attempt will be graded. Seek any means possible to reduce the match rate.
Not write it directly on this sheet so that you can reduce the percentage of ‘overall match’ in the SafeAssign. Instead, create a new Word file and save it as Module 6_Essay_Your last name.docx, and submit it to the submission portal (Only docx or doc files will be read; other file types will not be accepted).

Your essay will be graded by the grading rubric below. Total 20 pts.

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Essay
Pages / words:2 / 550
Number of sources:2
Academic level:Master’s
Paper format:APA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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