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Topic: Current Events Briefing: Topic Illegal Immigration in/from Mexico


P.S. Before writing. Pls. do not write any topic related to news articles ( Remains in Mexico, Mexican Exodus, Shrinking the undocumented Population and Illegal Immigration in Mexico) but pls stay close to the related theme. Rather write an article where you tell your reader what to expect in the future. You should included information about challenges needing to be addressed, possible solutions to the problem, how citizens can be involved with solving this problem, and what needs to be done. (it has to be a news source)

This is a 300-500 word written summary of and reaction to a Current Event pertaining to your theme in a Latin American country. Three hyperlinks to different sources required. Also post a response to another student’s brief (150 + wds) ) by the end of the lesson.
Detailed Instructions from the Syllabus:
1. Current Events Briefing: your 300-500 word written summary of and reaction to a current event pertaining to your theme in the Latin American country you picked. A Current Events Briefing is about a single event, such as a new law passed in Mexico, or a conflict on Colombia the 25th of September, not three news issues in Colombia or Mexico.
Scan the news for current events pertaining to that theme during each even lesson. If there is not a single “breaking news” event, feel free to explore present or recent issues you find in the news, however, please stay specific to one event.

For your Current Events briefing you need to include:
2. Who is involved (e.g. Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan President);
3. What is happening (e.g. Chavez is denouncing the US war in Iraq and says that the US is trying to oust him from his Presidency),
4. Why it’s happening (e.g. Chavez feels that the U.S. is doing this because…)
5. Briefly react to the article. What do you think of the events, people, places being described? What do you find to be important, compelling, strange, interesting, or controversial? Does the article relate to the class material?

You reaction needs to be in your own words not the words of the author, though you may quote briefly in hyperlinked text. If the information you find is contradictory or inconsistent, please mention that in your briefing.

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