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Topic: Data Analysis Plan nursing research paper


Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries and Treatments
For this section of your research proposal assignment, you will carefully design a plan for analyzing your quantitative data.

Explain in detail how you will go about analyzing your data. Be sure to:

Include definitions of all variables
Identify your null hypothesis and research hypothesis
Include the type of analysis to be conducted (correlation, t-test, confidence interval, regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, etc.)
Explain why this type of analysis is most appropriate for your research
Identify the significance level (typically set to .05, but may be set to .01 or .10)

Explain what results you are looking for in your quantitative study (how will you know if you will accept or reject your null and research hypothesis?)
APA formatting, references, and citations are required.
class textbook: Tappen, R. M. Advanced Nursing Research.

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