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Describe a challenging experience that you have had with students


Working with students may be an exciting experience and the same time can be a
challenging experience, for a good teacher he/she should always be in a position to learn and
understand his/her students clearly in order, in case of a problem a well formulated strategy can
be obtained. This paper discusses some of the strategies that can be used to overcome some of
the challenges faced by the teachers.
One of the challenges have had with students majorly is the classroom management, this
is vital for a success of a class. Some of the strategies that can be used to address this problem
may include but not limited to creating a strong relationship with students, having lessons that
are student centered, establishing clear expectations of students all this serves at ensuring proper
class room management. The relationship with students is very vital, this will create an impact to
students cooperating with the class room rules and expectation, here students need to respect the
teacher and the teacher also should respect the views and opinions of the students, this strategy
for class management is defined by Gregory & Ripski as the behavioral approach (Gregory &
Ripski). In this strategy teachers ought to spend much of their time getting to know the students
and ensuring good relationships among each other.
For effective classroom management a teacher may design a student centered lessons,
in most instances students prefer lessons that are project oriented and the ones that allow
creativity and innovations. Students normally dislike a lecture based classes. Several studies
show that students never participate in lecture methods. The last strategy mostly used in this
challenge is setting clear expectation to the students, teachers who tend to lay down clear
expectation to the students, the students normally obey them and hence respectable and a
successful class.
One of the major reasons that a teacher may decide to use this strategies is that for a
successfully class that must poses respect and respect is obtained where good relationship among
teachers and students is very good. This will increase confidence in a teacher and also the
students hence good learning environment, the need to in cooperate students in the activities that
takes place in a class also prompts a teacher to use student centered lessons for the students to
feel the ownership of the class and the teacher acting as a facilitator. Setting and laying out
objectives for clarity also enhances learning by equipping students with relevant information as
to why they are in class and what they expect at the end of the class.
The outcome of this method is quite appealing in that by creating a good rapport and
relationship with, students allowing them to participate in class room activities and setting clear
expectations for them. This was like a boost or a motivator for the students, the students enjoyed
the class lessons by participating and getting involved in every activity.
The outcome was determined by the response and the cooperation and participation of students
in class, the way they responded to questions and the way they handled their assignments and
handing them in on time. The respect that had shunned away was back and the students longed
for the classes always.
From the achievements gained in these strategies, I will not do it differently rather
emphasize and build on them further this will enable students to understand and own up the all
process of learning. As teacher I will only be like a facilitator and a coach for I believe in
students ideas and experiences.
In conclusion, class room management is among the many challenges that all teachers
encounter. Using strategies such as good relationship with students, student centered class and
ensuring classroom expectations may help a teacher to overcome some of these challenges.

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