Topic: DEVELOPING AN ACTION PLAN: Mask Mandate during COVID-19

Case Study: Developing an Action Plan Assignment Instructions
Develop an Action Plan for Addressing the Problem (Wearing A Mask Mandate during COVID-19). This assignment requires more than just some suggestions or ideas. Include pertinent information such as who, when, what, where.
Create a multi-dimensional action plan of intervention.
What can—or should—you do structurally to address this problem?
What can—or should—you do systemically to address this problem?
What can—or should—you do culturally to address this problem?
What can—or should—you do relating to power and influence to address this problem?
Your action plan of intervention should be balanced according to “weight” given to the various theories.
Guidelines for this assignment include:
3–5 pages
Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font
Title page
No references required
Current APA format (avoid first person)

Note: Please avoid using passive voice when writing. Avoid words below:

be being been am is
are was were been has
have had do did does
can could shall should will
would might must may

*Any passive writing will result in an automatic revision.

Watch: Developing an Action Plan: Transitioning from Theory to Practice.

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