Topic: Developmentally in group of children

Describe why this activity is developmentally appropriate for this group of children. Be sure to
clearly address each of the three components of developmentally appropriate practice

  1. age appropriate
  2. individually appropriate
  3. culturally appropriate
  4. Age appropriate: Children begin to understand their emotions when they are in
    preschool. These emotions can be a little scary, but knowing about them, and
    learning how to respond when they feel them, are important skills that will help
    children throughout their lives.
  5. Individually appropriate: Children come with different temperaments which makes
    how they respond to emotions unique for each child, so the cozy calm-down corner
    needs to be special for each individual child. I will talk about emotions that I feel as
    a result of COVID, but children may have different emotions that they feel. Thinking
    about these emotions helps them learn and grow. I will also show how each of my
    children had their own individual likes and dislikes, just like every child does.
  6. Culturally appropriate: Emotions are not a one culture activity. I actually did the
    face mask activity a couple of days ago with young children in Ghana. They
    laughed as they tried to guess what emotion I was showing. They enjoyed trying to
    show their emotions while wearing their face masks as well. The skill of knowing how
    to manage emotions is something everyone needs to know. The book, while about
    my children, who are, like me, white, shows a few different things that different
    children around the world like and dislike. Every child wishes that their parents
    understood them, and every child needs love.
    Describe how in this activity you promote the following (please utilize specific examples and
    avoid overly vague generalizations or connections:
  7. Promoting Analysis and Reasoning: (List specific examples of questions and/or openended prompts that address the following indicators of analysis and reasoning: why
    and/or how questions, problem solving, prediction/experimentation and/or
    classification/comparison) *these are pre-planned opportunities
    As children guess my emotions I can ask:
    • Why do you think I am showing…… emotion?
    • How do you look when you feel ……?
    As I show the students what I have gathered for my cozy calm-down corner I can ask:
    • How can I use this to calm down when I feel….?
    • What would you use …. For?
    As I read the book I can ask….
    • Why would my daughter/son wish I understood….?
    • What do you wish that your parents understood?
  8. Promoting Opportunities for Creating: (List specific examples of how your lesson plan
    provides opportunities for each of the following indicators: brainstorming, planning
    and/or authentic production)
    Students will be encouraged to find their own cozy calm-down corner. I can ask:
    • Where is a good place to have a calm-down corner?
    • What helps you calm down when you are feeling….?
    • What can you put in your corner to help you when you feel….?
    As I read the book to the students I can ask:
    • What do you think my children would put in their cozy calm-down corner?
    If I have time to make the squeeze ball I can ask:
    • What other things do you think you could fill the ball with?
    • How could you use this ball to help you calm down?
  9. Promoting Opportunities for Integration: (List specific examples of questions and/or
    open-ended prompts that address the following indicators of integration: connecting
    concepts, and/or integrating previous knowledge) *these are pre-planned
    When we talk about emotions, we will be talking about some that children will be very
    familiar with, but they may not be familiar with how they can manage these emotions
    when they feel really big. I may want to talk about being a little mad and being very mad
    and talk about how I can do different things depending on how I feel.
    • How can you use this corner when you are feeling just a little angry?
    • How can you use this corner when you are feeling very very angry
  10. Promoting Opportunities for Connections to the Real World: (List specific examples of
    questions and/or open-ended prompts that address the following indicators of analysis
    and reasoning: real-world applications, and/or related to students’ lives) *these are
    pre-planned opportunities
    COVID-19 is the biggest real-world event impacting the lives of everyone right now. By
    talking about the different emotions, I feel as a result of COVID, I am showing the children
    that these feelings are natural.
    • What emotion do you feel when you can’t go to a friend’s house?
    • How do you think your parents feel when….?
    • How do you think a calm-down corner may help your parents when they feel….?

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