Topic: Diagnostic Radiography degree

1d. Methodology: What is the methodology you intend to employ in your project and why?
Guidance note:
(i)Please clearly identify which type of Methodology is relevant to your project by ticking the appropriate box.
(ii)In addition to this you should explain what research methods you have chosen to use and justify these with reference to relevant literature.
(i) Which of the following types of methodology is relevant to your project:

Type of Research Methodology: Please Put a cross (X) next to the appropriate methodology for your project.
Literature Review X
Primary Research Project
Aspirational Research Proposal
Evaluating Service Delivery

(i)Type your Justification of the methods you will employ here. (This is an expandable box):
The methodology used to carry out this research proposal in order to meet the aims and objectives is a literature review. The reason why this methodology was chosen is, when conducting a literature review there is a greater chance in meeting the overall aims and objectives for the research project (Sur & Dahm, 2011). In addition to this, a literature review is a methodology that evaluates and analyses articles and books. This specific methodology provides an overview of knowledge, identify inconstancies such as gaps in existing research, conflicts in previous studies and open questions from other research (Maggio et al, 2016).

My research question is – the use of radiographic phantoms in research and education.
Methodology – literature review

Type of services: Dissertation services
Type of assignment: Dissertation/Thesis proposal
Subject: Nursing
Pages / words: 5/1300
Number of sources: 20
Academic level: Bachelor’s
Paper format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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