Topic: Digital and Data driven marketing

What are passion areas in Instagram?
These can be found within the case or via conducting your own reach on Instagram. As Instagram
lends itself to certain sectors, sectors that often link well towards portraying image and video.
What makes for good quality research?
Given this assignment is a practical digital marketing campaign, then good quality research will come
from a variety of sources. These sources tend to be marketing intelligence reports, previous
campaigns, industry reports and credible online sources.
When completing your research on a sector then using marketing intelligence reports such as Mintel
will give you a good overview of the sector in question. You may choose to overlay this with further
research from industry led reports or reports on small businesses. For example, if focusing on
independent coffee shops, using a source such as ‘The Grocer’ which is the professional publication
related to food and groceries.
Creating your target audience using market intelligence reports e.g. Mintel etc. is a good starting
point. This may be added to with further research on consumers from sources such as Acorn/Mosaic
to build further credibility of the target audience. You may also undertake some of your own
research through channels such as social media e.g. LinkedIn which would allow you to conduct
some research on owners, founders of businesses to get closer to their lifestyles and attitudes.
However, this must be supported with Primary Research. An additional source of information that
helps understand local spend of customers is Barclay Insights:
When it comes to creating and supporting your campaign, use other, historical campaigns as a
starting point e.g. WARC. Again you may link back to market intelligence and the target market
identified earlier. When measuring the success of your campaign, using industry standard figures is
helpful e.g. you can easily find average sector response rates to email campaigns, SEO etc.
When creating a budget for your campaign it is important to get as close as you can to real costs.
You might use previous campaigns to support your spend e.g. sources such as WARC or BRAD and in
addition, you may need to undertake some of you own research to get costings. For example, if you
were to undertake an event in the UK, costings of the venue, staff etc. would be helpful.
What should I include within the appendix?
The appendix is used as supplementary information. This means additional information that would
make it easier for the reader to be aware of. A good principal to consider is to leave content in the
report that makes it easy for an external reader to follow and understand.
How about target customer, should we target a single business sector or multi-sectors?
This will be depends on the size of the sector in which you plan on focusing your campaign. My
advice if its big enough then focus on a single business sector, this make it easier to create a targeted
communications plan. However, if the single market is not big enough then it may be helpful to have
an additional market that supplements it.
Should I include marketing tools such as PESTLE, marketing mix, 7’s framework, Porter’s five forces,
and so on?
These are always good starting points for you collecting research, however there are no marks
allocated for the inclusion of the activities My advice is use one tool e.g. PESTLE and focus on good
quality research. Be mindful this might not appear in the main body of the report, however it might
fit nicely into the appendix.
Are we expected to actually use Instagram?
Its not expected they you are key user of Instagram or to be a key influencer on this channel. More
the assessment is asking you to create a digital and direct marketing campaign for the client of
Instagram. When working on behalf of any client, you do not have to be customer or consumer of
the product or service, as you can us other methods to collect your research. However, if you choose
to sign up to Instagram as part of your research, this is student choice.
Are we creating the port as Instagram or as external partner?
The brief states you’re are working as a marketing consultant, so are working on behalf of Instagram.
A marketing consultant is an outside advisor who works with companies to create and
implement marketing strategies. A consultant helps create a detailed marketing plan, determine a
business’s marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out to
the target market.
What’s included in the page count?
The main body off the report should include in the page count. In addition, not included within the
page count are: cover page contents page and reference page.
We have been given previous example, should we use this as base for structure and content?
The short answer is no, the example has been provided for illustrative purposes. As such the
problem and organisation students worked upon was completely different, so can just transfer
across to you case. The example has been shared to show, what a professional report looks like and
how you can respond to a practical problem.

Type of services: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Marketing
Pages / words: 15/4125
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Academic level: Master’s
Paper format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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