Topic : Digital platforms Research Essay

Research Essay (2500 words)
Pick one: (total of 10 questions to choose from)
Note: I crossed out the first 2 questions because my notes were lacking for them, but you choose them if it sounds more appealing to you… Let me know what question you choose.

  1. In ‘Hermaphrodites with Attitude’ (1998), Cheryl Chase describes how she began to renegotiate the cultural meanings of intersex by immersing herself in the activities of transgender counter publics in San Francisco in the 1990s. She mentions meeting a number of prominent transgender thinkers and cultural producers over this time. Pick one of these figures and research and discuss some of their work or achievements. What insights might Cheryl Chase have drawn from them, and how might this have helped her reevaluate the treatment of intersex people?
  2. Foucault regarded experimental play with bodies and pleasures as a promising rallying point for countering the regime of sexuality. With reference to some examples of your choice, consider how playful experiments with bodies and pleasures might give rise to critically effective, political insights and practices
  • Disco inferno??  a great example to use
  • “Use an example that is something you’ve engaged in (e.g., became a goth, and through being a goth and experimenting that, you learnt that it gave rise to a new identity and a new political sensibility for you. Now part of responding would be describing how that emerged, so to be quite autobiographical.”
  • But you could also look at some work that has been done on goth scenes and goth cultures to see if other people have had similar sorts of experiences.  The way you may do this is to go onto google scholar and type in goth culture cultural analysis and read the abstract of those papers to see if any looks suggestive to you. It is also a good way of seeing if there has been any cultural analysis or social analysis of the kind of experience you’ve had and if there are other people like you who has encountered goth in that way.
  • So, as well as being autobiographical, also look into cultural or sociological studies of the scene in which your experimentations taken place (e.g. goth)
  1. What challenges do digital platforms pose for the formation and maintenance of queer and/or trans counter-publics? To what possibilities do they give rise? With reference to one or more examples of networked counter-publics, investigate how these spaces become findable and accessible to similarly situated others while at the same time seeking to guard against the intrusions of unsympathetic outsiders or haters. consider how the platform is structured and what affordances users make use of to maintain this space of counter-public exchange. Are some platforms better than others for your counter-public’s purposes? Why/ on what basis?

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