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Being Human in a Digital World
Prof. Jeff Reichheld
Assignment 2: Proposal & Annotated Bibliography
Value: 25% (5% Proposal + 20% Annotated Bibliography)
Length: Proposal: 200-300 words, including the research question
Annotated Bibliography: annotations of 5 scholarly resources @ 250-300 words
each, plus full and correct bibliographic entry, according to your disciplinary standards
Due: Sunday June 14 before 23:55 EDT (11:55pm)
Please note: This assignment must be submitted to Assignments on Sakai. This will
automatically submit your file to
Research Proposal
In the Research Proposal, you will provide a brief description of the research that you intend to
engage in for your final research project. As per the syllabus,
Your research paper is intended as a cumulative project that draws together ideas and
issues that have been discussed throughout the term. In this project, you will select a
topic of interest that addresses a major issue raised in lecture, in discussion, or that is of
personal interest to yourself (for this route, you must run your topic by your Seminar
Leader before the proposal stage to ensure its fitness for the course’s focus) and provide
a sophisticated, and critical argument about it. The role and nature of a research paper
will be discussed in lecture throughout the course and draw on concepts and skills such
as critical analysis/examination, argumentative structure and writing skills. Specific
criteria and a grading rubric will be provided.
Please remember that a proposal is not simply an idea that you would like to follow up on, but
an articulation of focused and fruitful future research that is supported by preliminary research
about that topic. To demonstrate the clear focus of your proposal, you will include a research
question that provides a focus for further research and that indicates that you have spent time
thinking about your area/topic of interest. You should incorporate a sense of the depth and
scope of this research into your proposal.
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Your proposal should
 Clearly outline your research topic, including providing a sense of the scope (limits) of
the project.
 Present a research question that outlines your interest and shapes your research.
 Demonstrate a connection to some preliminary research (ideally in terms of scholarly
research; minimally in terms of lecture material or the text book)
 Suggests a sense of where this research project may go.
 Articulate why this research is important.
Keep in mind that a proposal is not simply about sharing an interesting idea; instead, it is about
demonstrating that the projected research is reasonable in terms of idea, currently available
research and available time, and is relevant to current research needs.
Your seminar leader will use this proposal as a way to provide you advice on your research
paper, so the more focused your proposal is, the better the assistance they can provide.
Demonstrating real research and preparation means that they will be able to respond to you in a
meaningful way.
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is (again) twofold

  1. to begin the thought and research process for your larger research assignment
  2. to engage you and your Seminar Leader in a discussion about your proposed research
    and to provide meaningful feedback for your upcoming project

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Annotated Bibliography
In the Annotated Bibliography, you will present five scholarly sources that you will use for your
Argumentative Research Essay. As per the syllabus,
Your Annotated Bibliography will comprise five [scholarly] resources that you have
collected for your [Argumentative] Research Paper, in response to the Proposal that you
have made. You will provide a critical analysis of each resource’s ability to support the
project that you have proposed and suggest links between the resources and your
argument. You must provide a copy of your proposal with the Annotated Bibliography.
Your Seminar Leader will provide guidance on the suitability of your resources for your
Research Paper and may suggest ways that you could further develop your project.
Specific criteria and a grading rubric will be provided.
Your Annotated Bibliography should
 Clearly articulate the argument made by each resource. Don’t simply repeat the thesis,
but focus on the larger argument and significance of the paper in terms of your expected
 Demonstrate how the resource relates to your proposed argument through its
connection to your research question (this must be more than a relationship based on a
keyword search).
 Suggest how you may use this resource to support your argument.
 Provide an overall (brief) summary of the resource.
A full and correct bibliographic entry is required for each resource. You may select the
referencing style you use and it must be consistent with the latest version of that style.
OWL@Purdue will be used as the standard for correct referencing, so please use this resource
if you have any questions. This bibliographic entry will precede the annotation in the list and no
further bibliography in necessary. Entries will be arranged alphabetically, as in a references
page or bibliography. Samples of Annotated Bibliographies are available on the internet, and
especially at OWL@Purdue.
All resources must be scholarly. Any resource that fails this requirement will be rejected
and the overall value of the Annotated Bibliography will consequently be reduced by
20%. The definition of a scholarly resource has been provided in lecture. As a reminder, you
IASC 1F02, Spring 2020 Assignment 2: Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Page 4 of 8
may not use: newspapers, magazines, book reviews, Google Books, encyclopaedias (including
Wikipedia), or textbooks for the annotated bibliography. If you are unsure of what this
requirement means, please consult your TA for guidance. And please remember that an
article is not automatically scholarly just because it is available in the databases.
Purpose: The purpose of this portion of the assignment is (again) twofold:

  1. to collect and critically analyse scholarly resources intended to support your
    Argumentative Research Essay
  2. to build and demonstrate a clear relationship between your research and your expected
    Submission: This assignment must be submitted to Assignments. Please remember that your
    paper cannot be graded unless it is readable. .zip and .notes, among other file formats, cannot
    be opened by either or by your seminar leader and consequently will not be graded.
    MS Word files (.doc & .docx) are preferred, as they can be commented on directly in the file and
    returned to you. .pdf files will be graded; however, they will not receive commentary, as it is
    difficult to provide meaningful commentary in those types of files. If you have questions
    regarding these criteria, please contact your seminar leader or the professor for guidance. Late
    submissions will be penalised at a rate of 10% per day for the first three days, after which
    they will not be accepted.
    Format: Your Proposal & Annotated Bibliography must be formatted onto standard 8 ½ x 11
    “paper.” All standard essay formatting will apply: 12 point font, preferably Times New Roman or
    Arial; 1” margins (that’s 2.54cm) on all sides; double spaced, with paragraphs indented and no
    extra spaces between (essay format, not business format); page numbers in the top right
    corner; black “ink”/text colour only (other colours may not be graded). An abstract is not
    appropriate for this assignment. Page numbering in the top right corner.
    A title page is not required for this assignment; however, full authorial & course information is
    still necessary, should you choose to not use a title page.
    Grading: This assignment will be graded according to depth of thought, preparation, articulation,
    and, as always, structure and grammar.
    IASC 1F02, Spring 2020 Assignment 2: Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Page 5 of 8
    This assignment will be graded according to Brock University’s grading criteria. For a clear
    definition of the meaning of grade values, please refer to the course calendar at
    Please watch length limits closely, as any entry over or under the max/min word count
    will not be graded. Word count in this case includes only the text of the proposal and of the
    annotations. The bibliographic entries will vary in length according to the specific resource that
    you select and will not be included in the word count. Title page content, if applicable (name,
    course, etc. – the “address”), similarly will not be included in the word count. While we are
    aware of the word count per page of a correctly formatted essay, it is possible to easily check,
    since this is an electronic document.
    Commentary: Your seminar leader will comment on the suitability of your resources, the
    strength of your analyses and their connection to your proposed research. This commentary is
    designed to improve your research and writing skills and should be reviewed upon receipt of the
    graded proposal to focus on the areas specified for improvement of your research focus.

Type of serviceAcademic paper writing
Type of assignmentAnnotated bibliography
Pages / words2 / 300
Number of sources5
Academic levelSenior (College 4th year)
Paper formatAPA
Line spacingDouble

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