Topic: Discriminatory behaviour portfolio

Identify and discuss own personal values, character strengths and development needs, in order to recognise and challenge discriminatory behaviour.
After completing the ‘Values In Action’ character strengths assessment (, discuss your own values and character strengths in relation to the learning outcome. Your discussion should be an academic piece of written work that demonstrates insight into your own personal values, character strengths and development needs. This piece should be 700 words (+/- 10%) in total and it will need to be well supported by at least seven different academic references. Please include your reference list in the box provided. Please write in the first person and ensure your work contains the following:

a) A brief definition of what discrimination is and discuss how we can recognise it
b) An explanation of which character strengths you personally have, that would enable you to challenge discriminatory behaviour
c) A discussion around which character strengths you might need to develop, in order to challenge discriminatory behaviour
d) Identify at least two development needs that could enable you to recognise and challenge discriminatory behaviour

Type of services: Rewriting
Type of assignment: Reflective writing
Subject: Nursing
Pages / words: 8/2200
Number of sources: 38
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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