Topic: Discuss how your writing has changed and evolved since you began college ENGLISH ESSAY

Please write a 2-page essay based on these questions. Follow my answer for the first part and you can feel free to write another part with the role of a college student.

Discuss how your writing has changed and evolved since you began college.

As you look back at this course, as well as previous writing courses you’ve taken in college, what are you proud of?

What have you learned?
How to make a better outline.
How to find a good resource
How to determine what types of audience
How to make essay more persuasive

What have been your greatest strengths or areas of growth in your writing since you began college?
Strengths: Make a detailed outline before each writing assignment not to get lost in each argument. Better connect each idea.

How is your writing different from the writing you were doing in your first college semester?
Less stressful since I improve overtime.

What is your favorite piece you’ve written in college and why?
Magazine essay: I feel confident and I can apply many ways to write it, especially including the image/graph to make my reader better understand.

Discuss your future plans and goals as a writer.
What role do you see for writing in your future, either in the short-term or the long-term?

What continue to be your weaknesses as a writer, and how do you hope to address them?

What are your hopes and goals for yourself as a writer in the future?

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Academic level: Undergraduate
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Language style: US English

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