Topic: Discuss: ‘place-based policies are more effective if designed and implemented by local governments.’ (SEE DETAILS FOR FURTHER GUIDANCE)


-what sort of place based policies can be implemented and what problems do they aim to solve? When might they fail?

-give appropriate examples/references of where it has been implemented. Have they been effective/successful; how could effectiveness be measured? What could be improvements/alternative policies to those place based policies that have already been implemented?

-are people based polices more effective than place based? When might this be true? Examples of people based policies (case study).

-how may have effectiveness / how people accept it change due to covid-19?

DO NOT INCLUDE BIBLIOGRAPHY; instead provide in text references where quotes and particular arguments are attributed to the author of the text. Max word count is 1500.

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Type of Assignment: Essay
Subject: Economics
Pages/words: 5/1300
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Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: UK English

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