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Topic: Discuss the Reconstruction Era final paper


Discuss the Reconstruction Era. Be sure to cite your sources.

What reforms occured to during this period? What were the reconstruction Amendments?
What were the failures of the Reconstruction?
What were the conditions of Black People like during the Reconstruction Era?

Part 2: (1000 to 1200 words total)

Throughout this course the theme of “class struggle” has come up over and over again. So, long as there is a capitalist system (a system based on one class exploiting the other), there will be conflicts based on the different interests of classes. Workers want to live better lives, which means they need more control over their housing conditions, working conditions, health, and environmental conditions. The capitalist class’ interest is to maximize its control over society and its ability to maximize its accumulation of wealth in the long-term. The Issue is that workers are the people who generate services, products, etc. that generate wealth for capitalists. As such, any time workers fight for their needs they in fact are in conflict with the interests of the capitalists and vice versa. This is the nature of class struggle. In this present time, as the country goes through the pandemic, moments of class struggle are more intense.

Find two different stories about how working class people and communities are organizing to survive during the pandemic that illustrate class struggle issues. (1) Provide a summary of each story. (2) Explain why it is a class struggle issue. What are the working class people doing? What are the capitalists doing? (3) Discuss your ideas for what should be done. Explain why.

Below is one recommended source.You do not have to use this source. You may find your own sources.

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