Topic: Discussion about Pop music


This discussion is a chance to talk about popular music in terms of Unit 12. Choose one example of popular global or popular North American culture music for your discussion. Discuss it in terms of at least one of the following categories:

1. Economics-who makes money and who doesn’t, and does that affect your choice of the music.

2. Universals in popular music-what are they in terms of text, sound, etc…Also, talk about any global influences if present in your choice.

3. Identity-What identity does this music promote, and does it relate to your social group? What does it say about you?

4. Protest-is the music part of a “movement” or is it strictly entertainment? Is there a subtext to this music that is meaningful to you or others?

The “Popular” song you choose can be any genre, as long as it is distributed somehow as a commodity and has a following besides traditional performers. It can be North American or European, or from any music culture with which you are familiar.

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