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Write an essay in which you discuss the removal of the Five Civilized Tribes from the American South during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. What role did racism play in the motivation for Removal? Why did Jackson agree to it? How did the lifestyle of most Native Americans in the South compare to their white neighbors? How was Removal accomplished for each tribe and what events surrounded that exile–don’t generalize here because each tribe’s experience was unique. What happened to the real estate and businesses that those Native Americans were forced to leave behind? How did Native Americans adapt to their new environment and their new neighbors?
The more detailed your answer, the higher your grade. Please read the rules for postings on the Discussion Boards page prior to posting. Remember that you can add your list of sources–or even a corrected copy of your essay at any time up until the deadline for the assignment. Only posts to the Discussion Board will be graded–do not send posts by e-mail, etc. Posts submitted after the deadline for this assignment will not be graded.

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