Topic: Discussion on External Factors Impacting the Health Care Organization


I. Background: Nature of Strategic Management Process (SMP)

Note: Today’s priority is on health and wellness not treating disease.

Steps in Strategic Management – text Steps in Strategic Management-Classical

Adopt goals and mission 1. Adopt vision, mission, goals
Define measures of success 2. Define measurable objectives
Data collection .. to measure results 3. Select strategies – how to
Open sharing of performance data 4. Determine and defines tasks
Set performance targets 5. Program evaluation decided
Share best practices 6. Budget finalized
Performance improvement analysis 7. Evaluate/improve SMP
Share best practices
Long range planning

(at a minimum) Organizations need a 3 to 5-year long range plan (LRP)
Managers & employees – at all levels- need to be involved in developing the LRP.
LRP must utilize quantitative: market/client, performance and other measures.
Need to revise plans monthly or even more frequently
Recommend using an Analytical approach with a sprinkle of emergent or intuitive reasoning
Management Approaches

Theories X and Y
Team approach
Strategy decisions: Where done:

Organizational (Functional)
II. Original Post

In 3 paragraphs or less, research currents events and your own experience to provide examples of three of the factors outlined below that are impacting the way health care organizations do business.

External Factors Examples

Legislation, policies

International forces/factors

Domestic social and economic changes

Growth of technology

Changes in health care delivery systems

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