Topic: Does early intervention of antibiotics given pre-hospital vs in hospital, for adults with severe sepsis in the uk improve patient outcome

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Draft required3 pages + well-structured + cited referencesDescription

This assignment is intended to test that you have understood how to produce a workable research question and that you have a sound plan in place for searching the literature.  The word limit for the assignment is 1000 words.

Briefly outline the rationale for the topic you have chosenState your research question in terms of a PICO or similar question structureIdentify your inclusion and exclusion criteria and provide a brief rationale for selecting these criteriaList the keywords and any associated Boolean operators you plan to use for your search Using the search terms and criteria identified above, conduct a scoping search using Google scholar, or similar.  How many results did it produce?List the databases you intend to search for the review and briefly provide a rationale for your choices.

This assignment is intended to test that you have understood how to produce a PRISMA flow chart and have a sound understanding of critical appraisal techniques and reporting.

Produce a PRISMA flow chart for your literature searchChoose one paper from your search and critically appraise it using an appropriate critical appraisal tool, e.g., CASP, or similar.Present the results of the critical appraisal both in the form of a summary table and as free text.

The student will identify an area for potential further research in paramedic practice and submit a critical appraisal of the relevant literature. The student will then discuss the potential impact on paramedic practice with consideration given to dissemination and present recommendations for further research.

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