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Your task:
Carefully read the allocated client scenario.
You are to assume that your client has been discharged home from hospital and approved for home care.
Your presentation should be prepared so that it can be presented to the client and their family.
The purpose of the presentation is to provide the client and their family with information that would be beneficial to assist the client to live well in their home and prevent/avoid hospitalisation.
Carefully read your allocated client scenario and determine two (2) important care needs for the client. These are things that the client would need assistance with to prevent/avoid hospitalisation. For example, they may need assistance with grocery shopping.
Assessment format:
• Introduce yourself to the client/family member/s (if applicable) and explain what you are about to present to them.

• In order of priority identify two care needs.

• For each care need, provide a rationale to the client/family member/s why you believe that it is important for the client to receive this care to prevent hospitalisation. As you present each care need, include rationale for the order of importance. (e.g. I believe that this is the most important care need for you because………)

• For each care need, inform the client/family members: who will provide this care (the person delivering the care, this may be a registered nurse or carer) and the service provider (the company or organisation that provides the service).

Remember that you are presenting this information to the client and (if applicable) family member/s and not your class tutor.
In order to locate a care provider in the area where your client lives, you will need to access the My Aged Care web page:

IMPORTANT: Some services will state that they are unavailable, please disregard this and assume that they are available.
The My Aged Care website also contains information about a variety of services available to clients:
Do not include information about funding or the level of care that the client has been assessed and approved for.
Ensure that the presentation can be easily read/understood by the target audience. Too much information may be overwhelming. You may choose to include images, although this is not a requirement.
You are required to provide in text references (within the presentation) where relevant with an accompanying reference list as the last page/s of the presentation. Using APA 7th edition referencing style.
Do not include an Aged Care Assessment as one of your care needs, although this is important, this assignment is about you identifying specific needs, and related services and identifying the appropriate personnel to provide that care.
The marker will cease marking after the five (5) minutes have passed.
For additional information you may like to visit the My Aged Care website

Please use these guidelines in conjunction with the associated marking rubric when preparing your assignment.
Your tutor will spend some time in class discussing this assessment and answering any questions you may have.

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