Topic: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer Analysis and Cowspiracy

You can earn a total of ten extra points on this assignment. You will need to watch the movie Cowspiracy in order to complete the assignment. You can watch it on Netflix if you have it, or you can watch it for free here on Youtube (Links to an external site.)or here on Vimeo. (Links to an external site.)Normally, we would watch the movie in class.

This assignment serves several purposes. One, it will help you see how to add something to a conversation by developing in more detail an underdeveloped topic. FYI, if you are interested in the environmental topic, it is required that you watch this movie first, for you will be required to include it as part of the academic discussion; your essay will need to respond to this movie as well as the book. Another purpose of this assignment is to discuss how to use other sources, like documentaries, to help you speed-up the research process. When we discuss conducting research, I will be referring to this movie as an example.

For this assignment, you will be performing a synthesis. Let me explain. When you synthesize two or more sources, you combine the information from each text. Each source will provide some information that the other sources lack. When you synthesize all that information together, you create a larger, more complete representation of a topic or issue. Think of synthesizing like a game, a game that is part scavenger hunt and part jig-saw puzzle. Your challenge is to find as many pieces of the puzzle as possible and put them together to complete the puzzle’s image. To get the puzzle pieces, you have to scavenge from text-to-text; each text will provide you with some of the pieces, but not all of them. Using logical reasoning, put the pieces you scavenged together to create a representation. The more texts you consult, the more pieces of the puzzle you can acquire and the more complete and detailed your picture will be.

If that sounds like a fun game to you, then you are in luck, because that is a large part of academic research. For this assignment, you will just synthesize two sources: Eating Animals and Cowspiracy. The image you are trying to represent in this synthesis is the negative effect factory farms have on the environment. Foer discussed this issue in some detail, but Cowspiracy develops it in much more detail.

In one or two paragraphs, synthesize Eating Animals and Cowspiracy and show how together they create a more complete picture of the environmental impact of industrial animal agriculture.To get full credit on this assignment, use specific details to demonstrate what information is overlapping between the two texts and what new information Cowspiracy adds to the conversation. Before you watch the movie, make a list of all the page numbers in Eating Animals that discuss the environment. Use this list to compare what EA says about the environment with what Cowspiracy says.

Type of assignment: Book Report

Subject: English

Pages: 1/275

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