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Illegal Markets – Operation John-John: Predict what happens in the market for illegal prostitution when the police execute “Operation John-John” where they use a “reverse sting” with fake prostitutes used to arrest prostitution demanders. This is a Supply & Demand question so I’m looking for changes in price and quantity. But you should also go deeper and speculate on other, unintended, consequences of this law enforcement action.
Black Markets: Why can some black markets have prices higher than the legal market while other black markets have lower prices? This question is all about examples, so be creative!
Systemic Violence: Why are some illegal/black markets more likely to create violence than others? Give examples and think of some creative fictional examples. What currently legal products might generate violence if they were completely banned? Or, what kinds of regulations might lead to market-related violence in their black markets?
Data Exploration: Go to one (and only one) of the following sites and find some interesting “Nugget” of data and post it (or a link to it). Please add your comments about what you found. It is best if you find a table, chart or other graphic that displays lots of data at once.

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