Topic: Edward Snowden Whistle Blowing Case


Do some research and analyze the Edward Snowden whistle blowing case. Provide some information about the case and analyze whether the whistleblowing was justified by applying the method defined in the attachment. In addition, please discuss specifics about the case, such as personal and overall consequences of the whistleblowing.
In the paper please include the following:
a) Information about the case; description of the whistleblowing
b) Was the whistleblowing justified? (Application of Method)
i) Was there a serious issue?
ii) Was there an alternative way?
iii) Ethical reasons

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Coursework
Pages / words:4 / 1100
Academic level:Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format:MLA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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