Please read the case study below and answer Q.1 + 2 at the end

Case Study – Issues at Myconos Restaurant

Myconos is a Greek restaurant in Southsea. Many years ago it adopted non-contractual grievance and disciplinary and dismissal procedures based on the then statutory model. It claims to be “an equal opportunities employer” and has a harassment policy. This lists examples of behaviour that could amount to harassment and details the action that will be taken against staff.

Jason has been employed as the manager at the restaurant for 3 months and has promised to give bonuses to staff considered to be high performers. Helena has exceeded her weekly target for main meals ordered for the last 3 weeks in a row, whereas Stavros who is also a waiter, has consistently fallen short of his. Helena has just found out that Stavros, the only male waiter, has been given a bonus, as in Jason’s words, he ‘shows potential’.

Eddie has been employed at Myconos for 5 years, works behind the bar and has sole responsibility for taking payments for drinks and food. Jason has recently noticed that despite the restaurant being full most evenings, takings are down. Jason decides to undertake some spot checks and it becomes obvious to him that only Eddie could be responsible for the shortfall. The CCTV installed many years ago and of which all staff are aware, clearly shows Eddie putting something in his pocket on several occasions during his shift.

Andreas has been employed as head chef at the restaurant for a year and is under a great deal of pressure to offer a more extensive menu. Jason has just been in the kitchen for the third time this week complaining to Andreas that some of his food looked like ‘pig swill’ and should not be served to customers. Andreas was very upset by these comments especially as everyone else in the kitchen heard Jason and turned round and sniggered.

On his way out of the kitchen, Jason commented to Janice, a new female member of staff, that her skirt was too short and that she was ‘showing too much leg’. Over the last few weeks, both Jason and the other senior male manager, Draco, have made a number of similar comments to her so much so that she now feels that she is working in a hostile environment. At her interview, Janice states she was told by Jason and Draco that at the end of her 6 month probation period, she would be given a pay increase. She knows that Simon and John, two other members of staff received one at the end of their probationary periods but Jason and Draco now deny having said this to her. When Janice spoke to the person

responsible for HR issues (Jason’s wife) about this pay increase, she was told that she must have been mistaken, as no such offer was made to her.

Q1 After a brief meeting attended by Jason, Draco and Eddie, Eddie was summarily dismissed for gross misconduct. Advise Eddie of any claims he may have. (50 marks)

Q2 Helena is very happy working at the restaurant but is very angry that Jason seems to be favouring Stavros. Advise Helena of any claims she may have. (50 marks)

Questions regarding Andreas and Janice will be asked in a referral assessment. You are not required to answer them here.

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