Topic: End of life care

You are required to write a 1,500 word written account which covers the following:

  1. You need to clearly identify what the chosen subject for your group presentation was.
  • You need to identifyand discuss the background/history to your chosen subject, it is important to see how what has gone on previously has helped to inform where the subject/issue is today. How does your subject impact on healthcare currently?
  • You need to discuss what role you played in the group and what your personal contribution to the development of the presentation was.
  • For example did you take a lead role or where you more of a co-ordinator or maybe a facilitator?
  • Also discuss any challenges you faced as a group in the development of your presentation.
  • Your work needs to be supported by relevant literature and evidence. This can include peer reviewed literature, government guidelines and national standards such as NICE. 

Type of service:-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:-Essay
Pages / words:-6 / 1500
Academic level:-Undergraduate
Paper format:-Harvard
Line spacing:-Double
Language style:-UK English

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