Topic: English short story assignment

Answer one question only. Try to make your responses text-based in the first instance (your primary evidence is likely to come from close textual analysis and response). But in essay two you will be incorporating a research element from three database sources (that you have identified in your database assignment) as well into your response.

You will show that you are aware of the scholarly conversation about one or more of the short story texts we have studied in class, by reviewing some of the critical articles about the text (summarizing the arguments), comparing the different ideas (synthesizing the arguments), and explaining how those articles contribute to your understanding, and your own perspective of the text (assimilating the argument).

This essay has a formal research component—using at least three articles from the CCGA (Galileo) library databases. Plus use one appropriate scholarly web-source (do not use Wikis or study sites like Gradesaver, Enotes, Bookrags, Schmoop, etc.). Be sure to quote sparingly but appropriately from the original story text (primary source), and the critical articles (secondary sources), but make sure that your writing dominates the essay, and you control and shape the argument and ideas.

Show that you are able to shape a strong thesis; develop elements of a major argument (with support); use quotation and paraphrase accurately (including correct punctuation and MLA documentation); and participate in a scholarly conversation where you contribute and offer an authoritative opinion of your own. See Schedule for completion/submission deadline.

Minimum Requirement: a 1000 word paper, double spaced, single sided. (Note the word count on the paper). Use Times New Roman 12 as your font of choice, and MLA style documentation.

1. Examine the role of setting or symbolic geography/space in a story like Mansfield’s “Bliss,” Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour,” or “The Storm,” or Hemingway’s “A Clean Well-Lighted Place,” or another of our selected stories of your choice.  (Closely examine setting—spatial and temporal—for what it reveals of the story themes)

2. Explore Hemingway’s spare, muscular style, and explain how it adds to his stories, rather than takes away from them.

3. In stories by Le Guin and Jackson, scapegoated characters take on punishments on behalf of their communities. What is the history of the scapegoat, and the dramatic function in one or both of these stories?

4. Fictional utopias often reveal themselves as dystopian landscapes on closer inspection. What social ills in our real society are writers like Le Guin or Jackson revealing in their clever thought experiments about imaginary ones?

5. How do Kate Chopin’s or Katherine Mansfield’s works taken together contribute to our understanding of her time, and the place of women in society?

6. What is the role and meaning of a central image of motif (the storm in Chopin’s story, the pear tree or fox fur in Mansfield’s stories, or the clean well-lighted place in Hemingway’s story) in one of our selected stories.

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