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Assignment details
Write a 1000-word academic essay addressing the following question:

Discuss the challenges of leadership and management roles in global environments. What role can enterprise leaders play to overcome these challenges?

Supporting resources
The following are mandatory readings which will assist you with completing this assignment:

Management and leadership in a global environment (PDF 661 KB)Preview the document (Maranga & Sampayo 2015).
Management (Links to an external site.) (Robbins Bergman & Coulter 2018) – Chapter 2 & Chapter 18
How managers become leaders: The seven seismic shifts of perspective and responsibility (Links to an external site.) (Watkins 2012). This resource is hosted by Harvard Business Review. To view it online, select the link to go to the journal, select the PDF icon, and then navigate to the article by selecting the page range 16–20.
Conceptualisation of management and leadership (PDF 201 KB)Preview the document (Nienaber 2010).
Leading at an enterprise level (PDF 1.2 MB)Preview the document (Ready 2004).
You must provide in-text citations for all of the mandatory readings which must also be included in a reference list at the end of your essay. Your reference list must adhere to the Harvard referencing guidelines (found on the WSU Library website). Also have a look at In-text citation using the Harvard WesternSydU style (Links to an external site.) (Western Sydney U Lib 2017).

Essay format (template)
The essay should have a clear structure which includes:

An introduction that:
includes a few general statements about the topic to clarify your interpretation of the question
includes a thesis statement that presents your position on the topic
outlines the main points that support your position.
A body that:
includes a series of logically developed arguments that support your position
ensures that each argument and/or sub-argument is supported.
A conclusion that:
summarises the main points discussed in the body of the essay
restates the thesis statement
includes a final comment that does not introduce any new ideas.
Your essay should contain cohesive text throughout that aids with the logical flow of the arguments presented and a reference list which is in alphabetical order by author’s last name and includes only the resources that are used in the body of the text (i.e. in-text citations).

For more guidance on essay writing, see the WSU WritingLinks to an external site. guide.

Note: You must use all of the mandatory readings listed above in your essay and include them in your reference list. The reference list is not included in the word-count.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-4 / 1000
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-AU English

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