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Topic: Entrepreneurial Enterprise Group Presentation – Fragnansense


You will engage in a group task to research and create a proposal for a new entrepreneurial enterprise in a setting of your choice.

• Your presentation should be planned to last thirty minutes long (no longer than forty minutes)
• The information gathered should cover the key barriers and opportunities identified from the research and will be submitted as a supporting document to the group presentation.
• The presentation should also make clear references to the supporting document as well as appropriate underpinning theory.
• Each group member must also provide a written grading of their contribution to the group activity as well as that of their peers.
• The group presentation should ensure that the key content required to meet the learning outcomes is completed.

A. Knowledge & Understanding
A1: Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the range of factors influencing the success of a proposed enterprise.
A2: Analyse and explain the legal and ethical issues that will impact upon an enterprise proposal.

B. Cognitive Skills
B1: Analyse data and evidence to support a proposal for a successful enterprise.
B2: Analyse the key competitive challenges that affect an entrepreneurial venture.
D. Key Transferable Skills
D1: Prepare and deliver an effective presentation.
D2: Contribute to the effective working of a team activity.
D3: Identify the key personal and professional barriers to the successful implementation of an entrepreneurial venture.

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