Topic: Environmental wellness and assessment research paper


Health Science Pathway
Assignment 6- Environmental Health
Follow the instructions and conclude the assignment by answering the following questions:
How does global climate change impact human health?

How does global climate change impact the delivery of healthcare to the population?
For this assignment, you can choose an area that you may be interested in from our Required Course Readings or you may choose other environmental health areas you may be interested in such as plastics, renewable energy, or food safety issues and outbreaks just to name a few. As long as it is in the subject of environmental health it will be accepted (please run the topic by me if it is outside of our course readings and information).
Think about how the world’s environmental health could change over the next 100 years if humans do nothing to change our current situation. Research an area of your choice in Environmental Health and make a prediction about the effects such changes could have on humans. For example, if you are interested in the bleaching of the coral reefs you can choose that area to research on. This topic will have many effects on environmental health one may be:
Example Statement: The bleaching of coral reefs is caused by an increase in ocean temperatures and this is causing the coral reefs to die and impacting many species of marine life that use them as shelter.
Now that you have the area you want to explore in environmental health please write 3 paragraphs on the issue and answer the following questions ( A paragraph is at least 5-6 sentences):
1-Explain to the reader what is your topic is and provide a little background on the subject.
2- Is it a threat to environmental health and why? Please use statistics and research to support your statement (make sure to insert any URL’s/websites you get information from)
3-What actions or steps should be taken to address this environmental issue?
Please, provide all references used.

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