Topic: Equality and diversity- Investigating the lack of diversity and equality within the structure of AMAZON UK

Completion of this assignment will address the following assessment criteria:  
1Produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research Question or hypothesis supported by a literature review.
2Examine appropriate research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research.
Research Theme: Equality and diversity in the workplace  
Equality is relevant in all workplaces, regardless of whether the business employs two people or two hundred people, irrespective of whether they work remotely, in an office, a warehouse or on a shop floor. It is about ensuring that everybody has the same access to the same opportunities without any discrimination.  

Diversity takes into account differences between people and groups of people, by placing a positive value on those differences. A diverse and inclusive work place values people‚Äôs different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experiences, and uses these differences to create a productive and effective workforce.   Managing both equality and diversity is equally important as it impacts on all the employees working in an organisation.  

Business cases have proven that biases and discrimination within the workplace can impede business growth and productivity and therefore, many businesses look beyond any legal considerations and policies to effectively promote equality and diversity to improve productivity, opportunity, and competitiveness.    

Task One :Introduction and Literature Review Produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis supported by a literature review. The first step is to select your research topic. The range of topics discussed could cover the following(however, any other research topics of your interest around globalisation are welcome to explore):   Behaviours that support equality and diversity in the workplace managing cultural diversity in the workplace gender equality in leadership and management workplace discrimination The work-life balance and enrichment experiences development of diversity and equality strategies as part of CSRImportance of diversity and equality in business innovation The state-of-the-art HR practice underpinned diversity and equality     Developing a research proposition:   The importance of developing methodical and valid propositions as the foundation for a research project.   Rationale: The purpose and significance for research question or hypothesis. The value of the philosophical position of the researcher and the chosen methods. Use of Saunders’s research onion as a guide to establishing a methodological approach.   Literature review: Conceptualisation of the research problem or hypothesis. The importance of positioning a research project in context of existing knowledge. Significance and means of providing benchmarks by which data can be judged. Clearly focused and well defined research questions supported by a critical review of the existing research works in the chosen field.  

Task Two: Methodology Examine appropriate research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research.   Research as a process: Research has distinct phases, which support a coherent and logical argument. This includes using secondary research to form a primary, empirical, study.       Selecting a sample: The importance of gathering data and information (qualitative or quantitative) to support research analysis.   Selecting sample types and sizes that are relevant to the research. Considering sampling approaches and techniques including probability and nonprobability sampling.     Reference Pearson (2019), Pearson Education 2019 – Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Business, PEARSON-SET THEME UNIT: 11 Research Project Theme 2019

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