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Answer the 3 questions below and PLEASE WRITE MINIMUM 640 WORDS AND MAXIMUM 660 WORDS FOR EACH question. and please use OSCOLA for referencing and ignore the paper format chosen.
1) The rule of Milroy v Lord [1862] EWHC J78 sets down an inflexible rule of equity from which no deviation is permitted. Subsequent case law supports this point.’

Do you agree with this statement? If not, why not? ( start with a certain extend and conclude your answer to NO you don’t agree)

2)Trustee exemption clauses have gone too far in protecting trustees at the expense of beneficiaries. It is now not possible for a beneficiary to ever make a successful claim against a trustee if an exemption clause is present in the trust instrument.’

Assess the accuracy of this statement with reference to any relevant law.

3)‘Fiduciary relationships are characterized by trust and confidence.’

Critically analyze this statement in relation to the other major aspects of fiduciary duties.

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