Topic: Ergonomic program health

Assessment/ Evaluation
Ensuring quality and ongoing relevance: the following elements
a. Quality control: ensures that the service provided by staff to participants meets professional and program standards as well as legislative requirements.
b. Monitoring program delivery and results ( what are we doing?):
Monitoring can be defined as the ongoing process of collecting and analyzing data to measure the performance of activities and the progress being made towards achieving the goals and objectives. In Monitoring there is
Reviewing progress in implementing activities against achieving goal
track the outputs and measure their contributions to outcomes by assessing the change from baseline conditions this indicate the availability of baseline data .
It includes examining outcome indicators which shows whether the program is making a positive difference for the participants .
Tracking inputs, outputs and outcome to assess whether program are performing according to plans (e.g. people trained, condoms distributed)

c. Evaluation of the program: What have we achieved?
Evaluation is a systematic assessment of an initiative, program or policy, including the collection and analysis of qualitative and/or quantitative data. Periodic evaluation is needed to determine whether the program needs to change.
Assessment of impact of the program on behaviour or health outcome
(e.g. condom use at last risky sex, HIV incidence)
d. Feedback is a process within the framework of monitoring and evaluation by which information and knowledge are disseminated and used to assess overall progress towards results or confirm the achievement of results. Feedback may consist of findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons from experience. It can be used to improve performance and as a basis for decision-making and the promotion of learning

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