Topic: Establishing effective and Safe Learning Communities


Doug Lemov’s Teach like a Champion 2.0 chapters 10-12 we read for this module outline a few tips such as “tight transitions” and “strong voice.” He emphasizes discipline, management, control, influence, and engagement.

Use the 4 A’s Protocol below to reflect on the reading you selected. Each of you should post a response to the following 4 questions (you can also add your own “A”s) in your small group. Be sure to respond to each other’s posts.

• What Assumptions does the author of the text hold?

• What do you Agree with in the text?

• What do you want to Argue with in the text?

• What parts of the text do you want to Aspire to (or Act upon)?o you agree with his analysis?
What can school leaders do to help
empower teachers and their students in this regard?

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