Topic: Ethical Dilemma Reflection Paper


Given the current cultural context, variations in the sexual development of infants can be treated by families and physicians as “medical emergencies.” In this paper you’ll reflect on the intersection of ethics, social expectations and medicine in the context of discussing how families and physicians should approach the treatment of infants who are born with sexually ambiguous genitalia.

What to write: If you were the parent of a child born with sexually ambiguous genitalia, how would you proceed?

What questions would you ask and/or considerations would you take into account to influence your decision? And what would you ultimately decide to do and/or to not do?

In your discussion, consider what you have learned about the influence of genetics, hormones, biological development, social and cultural environments, and personal experiences as formative aspects of human sexuality – gender identity, roles and expression, internal and external anatomy, and sexual orientation.

Please address your response in the context of your personal ethics around sexuality and identity, social expectations and current medical interventions available.

This paper is a reflection paper and should present your understanding, values and beliefs; there is no correct or preferred answer – I am simply interested in having you clearly and thoughtfully articulate your ideas and opinions.

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Type of assignment-Essay
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Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
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Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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