Topic Ethical Dilemmas in a CJ Organization

“no video is needed. A powerpoint will suffice! 50 words per slide is all that is needed.

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In this assignment, you are the Chief of Police serving a community of 500,000. The community is diverse, serving all races, genders, and socio-economic levels.

Recent incidents within your agency have shown a rising concern for ethical behavior and decision making by the members of your agency. In preparation to respond to these concerns, you will develop an action plan to fix the problems, before they result in a Department of Justice inquiry.

To complete the assignment, you will develop a narrated Power Point video presentation which outlines the issues which are becoming a problem in your agency. You will choose at least 2 of the following issues to use as a baseline:

An officer arrested for stealing property from a Burglary call
An officer being charged with perjury after lying in an official investigation
A sergeant being disciplined for failing to address sexual harassment complaints by a female subordinate
A sergeant being disciplined after not addressing multiple citizen complaints regarding one officer using racist language
A lieutenant being fired for having sex with another member of the agency while on duty
After selecting at least 2 of the above issues, you will include in your Power Point the following:

A plan of action to address the issues you chose (in the form of what you might say to the Mayor of your city in response to these problems that have come up)
Within your plan, indicate if you will invite any outside sources to assist with re-gaining public trust
A draft of a new policy regarding Officer Ethics (Identify key components needed in the policy, not necessarily drawing up a formal policy)

Subject Law
Number of pages 2
Spacing Double
Number of slides 10
Number of Questions 0
Number of Problems 0
Academic Level Bachelor
Type of Work Writing from scratch
Type of Paper Powerpoint presentation
Sources needed 3
Abstract Page No
Paper Format APA

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