Topic: Ethics concerns of Academic Research.

Scenario: While conducting academic research Ethics and Presentation concerns
Project interest: real cost recharging electric vehicles at super charging stations (cost externalization)
Answer the following questions 1 page each

  1. Based on your project interest, share 3 ethical concerns that will be addressed in your data collection. What are the potential consequences for failing to address these issues?

2.Share the ethical considerations involved in presenting the results of your research. What steps will you take to mitigate these ethical concerns prior to presenting your results?

Useful material:

Author (2019). Ethics in Business Research. Lecture Notes, Galton College [video file]. Retrieved from: [13:18]

Bryman A. and Bell Emma (2011). Ethics in business research. Business Research Methods (3e). Retrieved from:
Halej J. (2017). Ethics in primary research (focus groups, interviews and surveys). Retrieved from: pdf

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