Topic: Ethics in the Operation of Business


choose the case of Mamou v. Trendwest Resorts

Here is the assignment:
Ethics in the Operation of Business
In this assignment, you are to summarize the law and facts involved in a published legal opinion. Then, from the perspective of two different ethical models, you will analyze whether either party acted ethically. Finally, you will evaluate the extent to which the parties’ dispute could have been diffused or resolved had Regis/Jesuit core values been applied.

Using the NexisUni database, find a case pertaining to the operation of business. (Course Resources – Guideline for NexisUni Searches). The Analysis must address the topic of law assigned for this week: Business Forms. Failure to do so will result in a two point deduction from the final grade.

Study the case to identify the legal principle at issue, the salient facts of the case, and the court’s ruling.

Next, study the ethical theories assigned for this week – Utilitarianism, Kantianism and Profit Maximization (Social Darwinism), as well as the Regis Jesuit values. (Library Guide – Week 4, link in Course Resources; Week 2 From the Expert) For this week’s analysis you are to apply two ethical theories: either Utilitarianism OR Kantian ethics AND Profit Maximization (Social Darwinism).

Then, using the format provided (Guideline for Case Analyses), your paper will have two parts: a Brief, which summarizes the law and facts at issue, and an Analysis, where you will analyze the dispute from two ethical perspectives and, then, evaluate how the use of Regis/Jesuit values would have affected the parties’ dispute.

Your paper must address the following elements (Revisit the Guideline for Case Analyses, Course Resources, for a detailed explanation how to write this assignment):

The Brief – outlining the facts and law of this case (2 pages; single spaced)
The Analysis – compose an analysis addressing the following questions (3 pages; double spaced):
From either the Utilitarian OR Kantian perspective, was either party ethical? Why? Why not? Cite facts from the case and key elements of the ethical theory chosen to support your conclusion.
From the perspective of Profit Maximization (Social Darwinism), was either party ethical? Why? Why not? Cite facts from the case and key elements of Profit Maximization to support your conclusion.
Applying two of the core Jesuit values (Week 4, Library Guide), how might the use of those principles have diffused or resolved the parties’ dispute? Cite practical examples of how the Jesuit values could have been applied.

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