Topic: Ethics of Healthcare essay

Scenario: You have a four-bed intensive care unit in a rural North Dakota hospital and because of an unusual turn of events you have seven patients who need to bed. First come first served is not an option since all seven appeared at the same time. The town’s one ambulance is not available for transport.

The patients are:

1. Mr. Jones: 75 year-old pulmonary patient with chronic emphysema. He is retired and has a DNR order.

2. Ms. Cho: 27 year-old hemophiliac patient with AIDS contracted from a transfusion of contaminated blood.

3. Mr. Rogers: 65 year-old retired general with congestive heart failure.

4. Mrs. Rankin: 52 year-old housewife, an alcoholic with acute liver disease.

5. Ms. Reubin: 23 year-old college student in a persistent coma following an alcohol/drug overdose at a party.

6. Carlton Child: 12 year-old boy with head trauma in a persistent vegetative state, due to a beating by his stepfather.

7. Joey Scoy: 17 year-old severely mentally challenged boy with Down syndrome. He suffers from aspirational pneumonia.
State the core values and ethical principles that will guide your decision-making process.

Select four patients who will receive beds and state your reasons for these selections. State the criteria you used to exclude the other three patients.

Refer to specific ethical principles for the basis of your answers. Including Autonomy, Beneficence, Role Fidelity, ect

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