Topic: Ethics within the health care Arena


Critically analyse the ethical issues within the scenario below in an essay that covers the following:
• Write an introduction to your essay (5 marks)
Introduction: Identified the main ethical issue and stakeholders, include an overview of the case and outline content. (ethnic minority background )

• Examine two approaches to ethics and how these would apply to the scenario. (20 marks)
Discuss deontology: Act deontology and Rule Deontology, this required further elaboration in clear application to the case , what is wrong ,and what is right for patent interest, mother ,public ?
Discuss Utilitarianism: Act, General, Rule demonstrate and explain, refer , and apply to the case scenario. Consequences of positive scenario and the negative scenario
The side effect and symptoms of not taking the vaccine? The risk of Vaccine hesitancy contributes to outbreaks and the spread of diseases, for example, measles in the UK.
• Apply the four ethical principles. (20 marks)
• Overall explanation with reference, discuss each principle and apply to the scenario. Need to demonstrate the principles, with elaboration in application to the scenario. There are four basic ethical principles as described by Beauham and Childress(2001). (The principle is always based on Health care -patient or client relationship) Autonomy: informed choice, decision, mental capacity ,beneficent, non-maleficent justice: if we treating fairly ethic minority ). Assessing how a patient feels about the harms and the risks involved in the choice of treatments on offer requires sensitivity and good communication skills.
• Incorporate any legal or other ethical issues. (20 marks)
• Discuss the main ethical issue in detail, with references.
• In addition to explaining the relevance of other ethical issues if any.
• Link to relevant legislations or legal issues.
Identify the main issue with application, Th ethical issue is obtaining informed decision to make informed consent This section required further discussion and justification (what consent is ? Refer to Etchelles, al (2001) . ‘consent the autonomous authorisation of a medical intervention by individuals patient/ client. Consent is made up of three different components: Disclosure, Capacity and Voluntariness’ Also refer to Gillon ,R(2015)
The secondary ethical issue under confidentiality: whistleblowing? vs duty of confidence: explain and apply : breaking confidentiality due to observing or noticing malpractice that could harm the patient . Where an employee raises concerns to people who have the power to take corrective action the public disclosure act (1998). Encourages employees to voice concerns about misconduct and malpractices at work , e.g. concern about the mistreatment of patient abuse in care,

• Apply David Seedhouse’s ethical grid in an attempt to reach a reasoned argument, to the scenario. (25 marks)
To use in systematically all layers, for example explain each layer then apply it to the scenario.
Approach the grid systematically, explain which layer you are addressing, and what is the layer is about, apply and argue each block to the scenario to reach a decision. Use every layer; either blue to black OR black to blue.
If you find that any block is not applicable say so, so the markers know why you did not use this block.
• Provide a reasoned, coherent argument to address the above with a final conclusion. (10 marks) final decision should be justified .
• In-text references are required.
• Few reference list.
• Please respond to the task in 2500 words essay (+/- 10%)

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Number of sources-10
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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