Topic: European Business Environment – Airlines Sector

Written assignment comprising 2,000 word (+10%)

Please write about Airlines Sector

For the assignment, the student chooses one economic sector and analyses it critically within the context of the EU internal market.
Below there is an indicative guidance on information that could be collected for your sector in order to understand its dynamics within the European Union business environment.
The main points to cover when analysing your sector:

• Choice of sector: AIRLINES SECTOR Define clearly what your sector comprises. For instance if you choose the sector of cosmetics, are toiletries included? , etc. Briefly provide relevant data of your sector: its importance within the EU, any major companies, structure (few large players or many small players? as that will have relevance when you look at competition), etc. You can get few ideas about sectors from the Europa website

• Your sector within the EU internal market: analyse which are the main issues that your sector faces and whether it is subject to harmonised or non-harmonised standards.

• Competition: Has your sector been subject to competition issues that have transpired into
the EU Commission?
Important – note that competition here refers to antitrust, abuse of dominant position, mergers, and State aid and NOT to general competitiveness of the sector, external trade or similar.

• The future: How is your sector faring towards the future within the EU? Are
regulations/standards going to restrict or promote its activity within this sector in Europe?
Of particular importance you should consider environmental aspects and the digital economy (if relevant). Try to restrict to the topics of Internal Market and Competition rather than the general outlook for the sector. Include reference to the agreement between the EU and the UK if there is any relevance for your sector.

• Organised Interests: Is there any organised interest which might be registered in the
Transparency registry comprising activities within your sector?. Please provide some insights.

• Critical conclusions: Comment on your views on the sector and its development within the EU internal market context in view of your research.

• Referencing: Although you can use a variety of sources you need to include at least 4-6 academic sources as part of your assignment.

Please note that a particular emphasis is placed in your critical understanding of the information presented rather than the mere amalgamation of it.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Research paper
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 7/1925
Number of sources: 6
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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