Topic: Evidence-based intervention plan


Evidence-based intervention plan
Prepare a detailed, evidence-based plan for a public health intervention designed to address one or more of the issues identified in the scoping report. The plan should identify, amongst other things:
• A concise summary of the case for action – why is the intervention required?
• Proposed intervention approach including outcome-focused objectives – what do you intend to do and achieve?
• Key partners for delivery of the strategy – who can you work with?
• Strategies for engaging with the community effectively
• Project plan: Timeframe, key targets, indicators for monitoring implementation
• Approach for evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention
Your work should be referenced in the usual way using the Harvard referencing system. Please submit via the Moodle assignment submission link provided.
Word Count: 4000 words maximum
Assessment Criteria
Marks will be awarded for:
• Demonstrating an ability to develop a clear, evidence based intervention [incorporating all the relevant elements detailed above, not repeated here for brevity]
• Overall presentation, appropriate referencing, use of English, and conciseness in relation to the word count.

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