Topic: Exercise Prescription healthcare essay

  1. You have a beginner client that is interested in beginning resistance training to increase muscle mass. Based on what we learned in lecture:

a) How many total body resistance training session should they complete in a week?

b) How many sets should they complete per exercise?

c) How many repetitions should they complete per exercise?

d) Their 1-repetition max for a squat is 100 lb. Given the recommended intensity range for a novice trainer, what weight should they start training with for squats.

2. Your client is using 20 lb. weights for bicep curls. After a few sessions you decide to progress their weight. Based on the principles of training, what is the maximum amount of weight you could increase add to their bicep curls. You should report the amount in lb.

3. Your client is 25 years old. What would their age-predicted heart rate maximum be?

Hint: You may need to revisit the circulatory lecture from module 2.

4. Based on the age predicted heart rate maximum that you just calculated, what would 90% of this value be?

5. In addition to their strength training activities, your client is interested in engaging in high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

You have decided that the high-intensity intervals will be completed at 90% of their age predicted heart rate maximum. Using this information, describe a HIIT protocol for your client. You should provide information about the work and rest intervals including their duration, intensities and number of intervals as well as the exercise modality.

Hint: HIIT focuses on aerobic activities, not body weight or strength-based activities. Intervals that use different body weight or strength activities are considered “circuit” training.

6. Seeing as your client is engaging in concurrent training, list two things they can do to minimize the effect of the aerobic exercise (i.e., HIIT) on the muscle hypertrophy pathway.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Healthcare

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