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Paper (minimum 800 words): ​Way to go, Einstein! Exploring intertextuality. In this assignment, find a text (note that “text” can mean written story, movie, TV show, magazine article, video game, etc) that you believe is intertextually-rich.

That is, it needs to have a lot of intertextuality in it that you can identify and interpret. Intertextuality is, essentially, the linking of two or more stories, situations, and/or texts.

This can be done across all genre types, time periods, intended audiences, and so on. Authors add aspects to their story from other works. This can help to add nuance, depth, and meaning to a character, event, setting, or entire narrative.

It can also help us to understand the work’s intended audience. Consider these questions: what intertextuality do you see in your selection (use some of Bazerman’s official labels)?

Does your understanding of your text (and its meaning, audience, and so on) change once you have looked more deeply/become more aware of its intertextual components?

Who is the intended audience for this text? Using the intertextuality that you’ve identified, how do you know this (this= intended audience)? What messages are being conveyed by these multiple intertextual references? Why are they there?

Formatting/Writing Standards Papers submitted to assignments must be completed with standard 12-point font, double spacing, and one-inch margins.

Do not include a cover page; put your name and date on the top. Make sure that your paper has an original title. Do not add space between paragraphs. Number your pages. Use MLA formatting for all citations. Please submit all assignments in PDF (preferred), doc, or docx format.

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