Topic: Fatigue and how it affects EMS workers and their well being


The research paper is going to be on fatigue and how it affects MS workers and their well being at work and at home.
Write up a research proposal for a “hypothetical research project” you would do pertaining to a topic in the emergency services or crisis intervention.

The research proposal will need to include all of the general sections required to cover
***background & rationale for the study,

***review of the extant literature on the topic and related issues,
***methodological section describing how you might answer the research question, address the ethical issues & participant protection strategies, and the
***limits and delimitations inherent to the study design.
The research proposal should be no less than eight (8) pages and no more than 15, excluding the APA style cover and reference pages. This assignment is required to be in full APA Style, 6th edition Actions , with an accompanying IRB application (Links to an external site.) filled out and submitted electronically as a separate attachment.

***There is a video for each of the general sections to give you a better idea on the research proposal.

Reminder: All written work in this course is to be submitted in APA Style, 6th edition Actions .

*****Note: This assignment is a mock proposal to conduct research. Therefore, it should be written in a “WILL Be” or “WILL DO” tense and things like budget costs, number of participants sought, and other logistical issues must be addressed and reasonably doable.

Appendices: (these follow your reference page)

If you are proposing to use a questionnaire, observational checklist, list of structured or semi-structured interview questions, or other instruments to gather data, you need to have it as an appendix.

If your design requires signed informed consent, the informed consent form you would use needs to be an appendix.

Use the Prospectus Template to write your capstone. A Prospectus is a mini-proposal that is used initially to develop the basics of a study. A full proposal is more detailed and complete in its presentation of the proposed study. ****There is a download for the template included.

***These are the videos for each of the general sections of the research research proposal.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Pages / words-8 / 2200
Number of sources-8
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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